all good things…

… must move on.

my new cyber home, though still slightly under construction is:

there is an ‘Email Update’ tab on the right side of the home page; just enter your email & easily continue to follow my shenanigans. {have you ever typed shenanigans? harder than you’d think!}

the spirit of the site is the same, but visually, will be a bit cleaner & easier to use.

if you have any problems, or any suggestions for the new site, feel free to leave a comment & i’ll help you out any way i can!

see you there! – bella.

weekend in review

“your hair may be brushed, but your mind’s untidy. you have had about seven hours of sleep since Friday. no wonder you feel that lost sensation. you are sunk from a riot of relaxation.” – Ogden Nash

*sigh* it was a wonderful & relaxing weekend in wiesbaden.

{broccoli cream pesto linguini}

{banana cake with cinnamon sugar topping}

{the best pizza i’ve ever had. pizza parmini from aurum meditterrane}

{mineralewasser. a household staple}

{the church in the marketplace}

{fall foliage lining the walls of the square}


{falling onto a bed of throw pillows}

{my favorite fall color}

good mondays!

love fest.

there have been some bumpy days in wiesbaden. not too many & nothing earth-shattering, but certainly days where i’ve taken a look around and wondered, ‘will this ever feel like home?’

to combat those not-so-sunshine-y days, i started a list of things i adore about our new surroundings to take out and read when i start feeling a little blue.

without further adieu…

1. Our new shower. It’s probably one of the most amazing showers I’ve ever experienced.

2. Hot water. I love a hot, hot, HOT shower. My husband likes to joke that I’m not happy unless I’m half boiled. The water here is spectacular for that.

3. Fall. I haven’t experienced Fall in a long time. Totally invigorating.

4. Captain’s schedule. After a year of residency craziness, having him on a normal schedule is completely wonderful.

5. Radiator heat. I think there is something all sorts of old-worldy & cozy about the cackling & crackling of a radiator.

6. Walking. To the city, the grocery, the coffee. I can’t believe that once again, we’re walking distance from everything.

7. Living in Europe. In freaking Europe! Unfathomably dream come true-ish.

8. Nursery. We’ve only just gotten started, but every time I walk passed that room, I’m reminded that this is the place we will bring home our first child. And then I tear up with big, hormonal, pregnant-lady tears and continue about my day.

9. Christmas tree. When hubs and I were first unpacking our things, I wondered out loud where our Christmas tree would go. Captain’s reply? “I was just thinking that.” And so we stopped and figured it out.

10. Our family. Not our families, plus us. But OUR family. Captain & myself, Miller-kitten and Baby. We’re really starting our family here. And that makes me feel blissfully content.

i hope you take time & enjoy a few of your favorite things today, and if the mood strikes, i highly recommend jotting some of them down.


i ♥ comfort food!

this week has brought with it a significant drop in temperature – hello low 30’s at night! i am finding the cooler weather absolutely heavenly!

captain had wrangled one of his cohorts into coming over after work to help bring some furniture down to storage. knowing that they had a PT test stupid early the next morning, i wanted to cook something comforting, but not heavy, to help them feel their best for the early morning ahead and to say ‘thank you!’ to captain b for coming over to help. {this is not the first time he’s had to come help move furniture, bless.}

i found this recipe for a broccoli cheddar soup {more of a chowder really} and all i can say is make it. make it now. it totally fit the bill of being comforting & hearty, but not too heavy. perfect for a cold autumn evening.


some amendments: i used skim milk rather than half & half and honestly, cannot imagine using anything but. the soup was SO thick and lovely with the milk; i feel using half & half would have made it… gloppy {for lack of a prettier phrase.} another edit, i did not serve the soup in bread bowls. rather, i crisped some onion rolls in the oven and served for dipping.

the guys seemed to love it! and though i didn’t have any last night, i enjoyed leftovers for lunch and can attest to its deliciousness.

has it gotten chilly in your neck of the woods, yet? if yes, what comfort foods do you most love to create?