and away we go…

… away from my lovely mke (milwaukee) and off to the great state of georgia. onward and up-(well, technically down)-ward from the blustery midwest, to the hot and humid south.

go, peaches, go!

i can only imagine the (mis)adventures it has in store for us. who, exactly, is ‘us’? myself, my long-standing love and our mischievous and most temperamental cat, miller. (hereto forth known as: miller, miller time, miller time pub, miller park, miller parkway, bumper, bumperdoo and grumplestiltskin, whew!)

you are cordially invited to join, mock, judge, advise, laugh at or with me as i explore and document a whole new world called thirty and all the nonsense it has in store.

au revoir!


One thought on “and away we go…

  1. BUONISSIMO BELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love everything you, and about you! Not only simple…..but simply perfect in every way! Baci, Cinzia

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