cause i got fat arms.

i have a confession to make *deep breath* i have fat arms. in fact, i’ve got quite chubby almost everything. i’m not sure how it happened.

actually, i am.

i used to have this svelte, lovely little thing of a body due in part to the fact that i was in a real ungood place in my life… until one day, i didn’t. oh, some of it is because i quit the ciggy sticks *pats self on the back*. some of it piled on when i met the love of my life. happy weight, i believe i’ve heard it called. and i was quite happy with it for a while. i felt healthy, shapely even… until one day, i didn’t.

on that one day, it all became too much. i didn’t feel good. i felt, ugh. so after many quick attempts – detoxes, cleanses –  that i knew would end in failure, but made me feel proactive anyway, i decided to get started on a true blue, healthy, love the way i feel again lifestyle. and it’s been great. it’s been fun and pretty rewarding (4-lbs. thankyouverymuch!) so far.

i’ll be posting updates periodically on any progress i make!

here is one recipe i found this weekend that i think incorporates great summer flavors and happens to be mind-blowingly healthy, bonus!

Citrus Asian Slaw
what you need

2C shredded carrots
1C jicama (cut into matchsticks)
2C shredded red cabbage
1C radishes (cut into matchsticks)
1/3C scallions (chopped)
3tbsp mint leaves (chopped)
2 medium jalapeno peppers (seeded and chopped)
2tbsp orange marmalade
4tsp rice wine vinegar
2tsp toasted sesame oil
1/2tsp salt

what to do
1. In a large bowl, combine carrots, cabbage, radishes, jicama, scallions, mint and jalapenos.

dress me, baby!

2. In a small bowl, whisk together marmalade, vinegar, oil and salt; drizzle over slaw and toss well to combine.

so tasty, and so pretty.

here’s to healthy & happy week!

recipe from:
all photos: are taken by moi!


3 thoughts on “cause i got fat arms.

  1. I love. Love. Love. this! Way to go Eliz. I think I need to get mine back up and crack-a-lackin! Then we can get ours connected with the fantabulous recipes we make. I have a new one… Fideau – Spanish Noodle Dish – similar to paella. mmm…good! I love you, I’m so proud of you, I miss you! big smooches my dear.

  2. I am scared of Jicama. I just don’t know how to work it. And I have an overwhelming fear of slicing up jalapenos and then rubbing my eye. OH! The burning!! The horrible, horrible burning!! ARRGHHH!!!!

    Any words of advice or encouragement?

    Much love.

    • i was scared of the jicama, too! in the end, i just peeled it like an apple with a little paring knife. i’m sure there’s a correct way to work with it… i was too lazy to look that up, though. let me know if you do!

      as far as the jalepeno… having experienced said burning due to reckless eye-rubbing. my only recommendation is… i scoop out the seeds directly into the sink, set down and wash hands immediately. i can’t even allow a little time to pass. i’m too forgetful. i often find that if you’re that scared of it, or if you’ve effed up like i have, you won’t forget. feel the fear j to da… feel.the.fear. ha!

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