wrapped in pink.

when i was in college, my parents moved to italy for a bit. i was so proud of them for living out one of their dreams, but sometimes, it was hard. really, really hard to have them so far away.
i remember talking to my mama one night during a particularly tough time and she told me to envision myself wrapped in pink. hot pink, soft pink… whatever i prefered. to imagine it completely surrounding me; that it would bring me a sense of calm and security, and peace.
i’m quite certain i rolled my eyes loudly over the phone. but when i hung up, i tried it. (i couldn’t pick just one, so i ended up with swirls of every shade pink you can imagine) and, call me crazy- coo-coo- crazy, it made me feel fantastic. maybe it was the power of suggestion, maybe it was simply feeling connected to my mama, whatever it was, it made me smile.
so here’s to wrapping yourself in pink, whichever shade(s) may suit you.
find this beauty here: http://lacqueredlife.blogspot.com

sigh. from here: http://www.chictopia.com



3 thoughts on “wrapped in pink.

  1. I love! Hmm, I’d like to wrap myself in Green and Yellow, I know not your typical “girlie” color, but I remember my safe place and when I felt the most calm, relaxed, and hidden from the troubles/reality of the world and life – when I sat in the grass at my parents house picking dandelions. I remember the smell of fresh cut grass, the sound of the Brewers game on the radio in the garage while my dad was working outside, and the yummy popsicle waiting for me inside. 🙂 Thank you, my dear for taking me back here. Today has been a rough day and I needed this. Besos!

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