it’s a love:hate relationship

exercise that is. 

i love to hate it. in fact, i love to loathe it. let me explain. i love to be active. hiking, biking, going for walks… it’s all copacetic on this end. but exercising, i’m talking the pop on a treadmill for an hour 45 minutes, lifting weights in front of a mirror kind of exercise, h-to-the-ell no.

but i do realize since i have yet to find a plastic surgeon willing to work for cupcakes that in order to love the way i feel, i need to sometimes do this thing i hate, because the hiking and biking fun with the hubsters can’t always happen, much to my dismay.

so not-so fresh from the gym, i write this post. kind of sweaty, a little smelly (sorry guy next to me) and more than anything, absolutely over the moon that it’s over. that i did it, and that on this, the eighth day of august, two thousand and eleven, i faced my arch nemesis, the treadmill, and emerged victorious.

good mondays to you all!


3 thoughts on “it’s a love:hate relationship

  1. I am all over incidental exercise. (Lawn mowing? Dog walking? Ditch digging? Yes, yes, and yes.) But I will pick my couch and a bowl of popcorn over The Gym any day. Even though it means I have that four-months-pregnant belly thing going on.

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