pretty. obsessed.

“look for the woman in the dress. if there is no woman, there is no dress.” 
Coco Chanel

oh, coco. that may be true, but these dresses would make me feel like one confident dame. behold, my current obsessions:

check out this back. gorgeous.

i’m having a slight love affair with navy these days…

and this makes me feel like i could put all sorts of stilleto-y goodness to good use.

and finally…

so sweet, but not saccharine.

and you, dear readers? any pretty obsessions on your minds? i can’t wait to hear!

all forms of gorgeousness on this page can be found here:

6 thoughts on “pretty. obsessed.

    • This is so funny. Ginge and I went biking this past weekend and I thought… Oh lord, a pack of the fanny variety sure would be useful. And I wanted to slap myself for even thinking such a thing. These look like they could be a super fashionable alternative!

  1. Ponchos. I keep seeing them again. Or at least poncho-y types of things. Oooo! And the sweater ones. I mean, is anything more yummy than a poncho-y sweater, great jeans, and awesome boots on a crisp autumn day? I think not.

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