weekend surprise!

i love it when something fabulously unexpected happens. i’m a total sucker for surprises, regardless of size. so, my pleasantly surprised-o-meter went off the roof yesterday when i got a text from my significantly better half saying that, not only was he coming home early, but that he was officially off duty tomorrow and we were now blessed with a three and a half day weekend! i lurve spending time with my husband guys. it’s like hanging out with my best friend, that i happen to get to smooch on whenever i like. *end gross mush*

whatever will we do with our weekend?

today we will be doing a little of this…

then maybe some hiking to see this…

and along the way we may just stop for a minute to smell these…

holla woot! i’m so excited.

tomorrow we’re heading to the ATL for the day. and sunday, a little bit of pool time fun & a bbq with some new ga friends. wheww! i’m so ready to start this weekend!

tell me, what fabulous weekends do you all have on the horizon?


2 thoughts on “weekend surprise!

  1. Well certainly nothing as grand as your plans! But I will most likely be alternating between acting as a human jungle gym to your niece and packing. I don’t know which one will leave me more bruised & battered…

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