embracing georgia

when i moved to ga, i wasn’t exactly what you’d call ‘outdoors-y.’ in fact, my idea of ‘getting out there and getting active’ was walking the two blocks between restaurant and bar on a saturday rather than hailing a cab. judge.

since we’ve moved, i’ve really embraced the nothing but nature beauty that we are surrounded by. enter, Callaway Gardens. it’s a gorgeous preserve of land about 30 minutes from home that offers tons of incredible activities. best part, i get some wicked good workouts in that really don’t feel like workouts… until the next morning. so.sore.

one of aforementioned incredible activities is this amazing elevated obstacle course that includes zip lines. (to all my mke friends reading this, I KNOW! i can’t believe i did it either. and loved it!)

ready to go! (pardon the unflattering pic)

the staff does such a good job of educating you on the equipment and making you feel safe.

woo hoo! about to do the first zip line of the course. hardest part? letting go.
*insert meaningful life lesson about letting go here*

the view. it was so beautiful. i wanted to take it all in for a while which proved to be kind of difficult while trapeze-ing between two trees. (can you spot me in this pic?)

embracing georgia has been a blast so far! if you’re ever in the columbus/hotlanta area… stop on by the gardens, i can’t recommend highly enough.

6 thoughts on “embracing georgia

  1. Wait, you WHAT??? Right on, sister! Shhhhh, don’t tell anybody, but I secretly think that looks like a ton of fun. 🙂

  2. I have wanted to zip line fo-eva!! This is the kind of un-exercise I am talking about!

    (Wanna be with me when I pop my zip line cherry?)

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