the greatest gift…

… i’ve ever received is this hunka-hunka gingery amazement.

what can i say, love?

you are the most kissable…

… most fun, funny, fun loving…

most supportive and patient man i’ve ever met. you were worth the wait.

happy birthday, dr. n.
olive always.

top three pics from: moi
last pic: courtesy of type a images


6 thoughts on “the greatest gift…

  1. And what could make this man even more amazing? To be paired with a woman that can only elevate his awesomeness to a new level, one that is hardly reached by many others…sheer bliss! Love you both and enjoy this wonderful day of celebrating the birth of Ginger.

  2. Love this!!! Missed Gingers Birthday but know it was amazing! So happy I finally was able to log into your blog to catch up on your amazing adventures…. makes me miss you more though đŸ˜¦

  3. So happy you two found each other. Gives my belly happy little flutterflies.

    (P.S. Hot hotty hot pictures! Well done, well done.)

    • i love the first picture most-est of all. it was taken at stone’s throw winery on a mini vacay we took. he looks like he has a secret. little did i know, he was going to propose 4 hours later and the ring was in his pocket.

      • he totally did have a secret. hmmm. . . good to know. those facial expressions betray him every time, hey?

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