pretty. obsessed.

“People entertain warmly and joyously. To persuade a friend to stay for lunch is a triumph and a precious honour. To entertain many together is to honour them all mutually.”
Claudia Roden

if i had a million dollars (or two) i would absolutely indulge in entertaining all.the.time.

i love having people over. there is nothing so satisfying to me as bringing good food, good drink and good people all together in one place. i believe the memories such moments create are like…  getting to open your birthday presents over and over again just by closing your eyes. such a treat!

to that same note, i love a beautiful table. i give you my weekly obsessions.

oh my drop dead gorgeous! i love the mish-mash of chairs, the french-inspired touches…

a lovely little tea party would no doubt take place at this gracefully set table.

… as visions of a bold french roast and strawberry pancakes with fluffy whipped cream dance through my head. i love this.

and though it is still a bit in the distance, i found this thanksgiving tablescape to be simply savory. pass the pinot noir, please!

the lighting fixture is blowing my mind.

does the art of the table tickle your fancy, too? if not what, if anything, is your favorite part of entertaining?



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