home is where the heart is

… and other sugary clichés that you hate to say but are, in fact, true.

since i moved to georgia, i had often thought about being back in milwaukee. how much i missed my friends, my family, my work. my favorite restaurants, bars, long saturday dinners and endless (and i do mean endless) sunday brunches. i couldn’t wait to get back.

and then i was back… and it was everything i had hoped it would be. i have, seriously, the greatest friends a girl could ask for.

here are a few of my girls, straight vegas style.

and family? fuggedaboutit, amazing. *here is where i realize i do not have one picture of my family all together, this must be remedied*

there were ridonk dinners, as usual…

my friends are epic photo-bombers!

and a brunch that didn’t end until 8pm (told you!)

it was perfect… except, i missed georgia. *what!? bella, that’s cray-cray!* ok, i didn’t really miss georgia, i missed what was there… one gingery husband and a miller kitten with disproportionately sized paws.

so, short story way.too.long my fantastic revelation for thursday, as i sit on my georgian couch, recovering from my mke debauchery is… i’m one lucky lady who happens to have two homes. and i am perfectly content to divide my heart among them.


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