desperately seeking

1. inspiration.
i believe this could be attained through the purchase of a new dress. perhaps i will test this theory… soon. hello, beautiful fabrics!

from here:

2. a new recipe to knock my socks off.
this asparagus & white truffle risotto has my attention.

from here:

3. a day dedicated to baking.
oh, i have the time. but with two people in a house, both of whom are trying to lose weight & get healthy… this could be counter-productive. but what a delicious way to go.

from here:

4. weight loss.
frustration is beginning to set in.

from here:

5. a peaceful mind.
to get back on a regular sleep schedule.

from here:

cheers to a jumbled thoughts sort of tuesday!


One thought on “desperately seeking

  1. Okay, Re: #3: have Hubbs take baked goods to work. Achieves the following:
    1. day of baking! fun!
    2. removes temptation from you.
    3. endears you (and him) to coworkers. (Though, in his line of work, would baked goods be seen as counterproductive? Hmm.)


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