fall, in love

hello september!

i love the firsts of each month. they always seem full of promise and new beginnings. i especially love the start of a new month when it coincides with the beginning of a new season. i know, i know… september first isn’t really the beginning of fall. but, it’s officially when i start to crave all that this fashion-forward season has in store.

like this. ooooh! can’t you just imagine being all cozied up in this beauty
with a mug of hot apple cider?

from here: http://littlegirlbigtaste.com

and these – whee!

from here: http://www.terrablack.com

and this. i die. i drool. i die.

from here: http://www.yourstylentrend.com

oh fall, you are, in fact, my most favorite!

happy september, y’all!


2 thoughts on “fall, in love

  1. LOVE ALL of this!! Not to mention in a month from today we will be all fall cozy together for this girl to finally call Justin Rutchik her husband!!!

  2. Psst. I have a secret to share with you. Fall in The South is waaayyyyy better than in mke. Swear. Those warm fall days that are such a rare treat Up North are, in fact, de rigueur down here. Er, down there, by you, in ga. Yen-ee-ways. . .look forward to a long, bee-oo-teeful fall (in temps if not in foliage.)

    Una buena dia!

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