it’s friday!

“smile, breathe and go slowly.” – thich nhat hanh

some weekends i can’t wait to completely let loose. some weekends, i’m ready to be challenged. this weekend? relaxation is the name of this girls game. laying by the pool. having dinner with new friends. long hikes with my husband. cooking some good food, baking… and breathing.

i may start with this…

frothiness like this. outside. book in hand. heavenly.
from here:

i’m definitely going gaga for this.

portobella lasagna from: the amazing

i’m going to attempt to make this.

cross your fingers! from here:

and maybe, just maybe, i’ll indulge in some of this…

gorgeous. it is impossible for me to not smile when i drink this.
the frivolity of it all is just… delicious.


what kind of weekend are you having?


2 thoughts on “it’s friday!

  1. I envy your kid-less freedom, your reading of books.
    At the same time I love their giggles, their growing.

    Is it some kind of insane to have both of those at the same time?

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