for the love of wine

the arrival of cooler temperatures always seems to reignite my obsession love of red wine.

the bigger the better. the more spice, tobacco and leather i taste, the sweeter the experience. the deeper the berry, the rounder the finish, the more contented i am to enjoy.

we had dinner with some new friends over the weekend and i was introduced to a
Malbec that i absolutely fell in love with. and the price point? downright sinful.

Salvatore Principe Malbec

all this delicious information comes from:

Tasting Notes:
This Malbec has a complex nose of red fruit, chocolate accented by dark fruit
and silky tannins.

Food Pairings: (i’m pretty skeptical on food pairings, i say eat what you love and drink what you love with it… but, this is their take on it)
Pairs well with pasta, vegetables, mature cheeses, bbq, pizza, stews or roasted meats.

Varietal: 100% Malbec

Region: Mendoza, Argentin

Vineyard & Winemaking Notes:
The grapes are sourced from the highest commercial vineyards in the world in the Cafayate region of Mendoza, Argentina. The vines are grown in a mixture of sand and stone at the foothills of Andes. At over 5,500 feet above sea level, altitude plays an instrumental role in the development of the grapes. The warm, strong sunlit days followed by cool nights favor a slow maturation process allowing full development of flavors and acids. The grapes are hand harvested from low yielding vines.

i believe this beauty of a Malbec may be a staple for me this fall. icing on the cake? found at Fresh Market for $9.49/bottle.



5 thoughts on “for the love of wine

  1. If you like big, bold reds, get your hands on some Dynamite Cabernet. It’s fantastic with a good steak. Or, OR, even better, try to find a Sonoma Zinfandel. Not Napa. Sonoma. Seriously unbelievable.

  2. I, too, was skeptical about food-wine pairings until a magical night when I had pommes frites with a malbec and couldn’t shut my mouth about how fantastic they were together. The salt and wine just sang together, each delicious on its own, but decadent when combined. My mind was blown. I have not had that before or since. *sigh*

    Hey, wait. Weren’t you there, too?

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