the walk to remember

“One shoe can change your life.” Cinderella

fact: i love shoes. actually, i can’t have enough of them. boots, booties, shooties, to-the-knee, over-the knee, the stiletto, the peep toe, the wedge, *gasp* the pump!

it is because of this adoration for fanciful footwear, i felt a heavy, yet totally self-imposed pressure to find the perfect wedding shoes. i mean, in terms of wedding day attire, it’s usually the dress that garners the center of attention… not for this girl. so i started on a  mission to find the shoes to end all shoes.

my search started with the idea of going wild, crazy, over the top.
something like this: i’ll give you a moment.
shoe: Philip Treacy for Valentino

alas, i realized wild, crazy, over the top didn’t really match the vibe of my dress. so i looked for something a bit more understated, but still, fabulous. and i found these:

oh, monsieur louboutin, you shouldn’t have! (ok, for $840, you really, really shouldn’t have.)

still no. i wasn’t going crazy for the pop of color. (and i love that current trend.)

so, i wasn’t going for over the top, i wasn’t gaga for glitter, and i wasn’t feeling colorful.
i was feeling frustrated.

and then it happened, out of nowhere. i realized i was feeling… audrey. as in, the incomparable miss hepburn. and thus my search for the perfect wedding shoe came to a surprisingly classic end. hello, beautiful.

it is the most buttery of creams, topped like a delicious birthday cake with the most feminine of details. it is to me, 4-inch heeled, peep-toe perfection.

i know. i’m shocked.

have you ever started a search thinking you knew exactly what you wanted, only to end up with the complete opposite?


4 thoughts on “the walk to remember

  1. I know exactly how you feel, and my love for “the healed one” is equally intense. Though my travels took a slightly different turn… First falling in love with these…

    Only to be bounced back to reality by my 5’10” soon-to-bethat was instant his 6′ gal would not be rocking 4′ heals dwarfing his manhood.

    so alas I settle on the flop… yes I said it, start judging now, the white flip flop…,r:14,s:37&tx=57&ty=115

    All I have to say is good thing I already own the Louboutions in black 🙂

  2. My wedding shoes were so perfect I’m having them dyed for your wedding! Considering they were (and still are) the most expensive shoes I’ve ever purchased, I felt they were worthy of a soft shade of pink…

  3. wedding shoes: i took my seamstress’s advice and got the most comfy ones i could find (naturalizer) and kept them on all night. my feet said not one word to me all night. i just about forgot they were even there. (plus my long gown covered up their grandma vibe. bonus.)

    re: looking for something and ending up with the prefect not-what-you-had-in-mind: agustin lopez.

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