pretty. obsessed.

this is a surprising post for me because i’ve become pretty obsessed with something i used to loathe. well, not loathe really – but i always put them in the ‘someone’s trying too hard’ category. *yes, i judged – oops!*

my latest pretty obsession… hats.

i think i started to really dig them when they actually became functional. in georgia, if one wants to spend a fair amount of time lounging by the pool, and one happens to have fair, sensitive, pimple-prone skin *indignantly shakes fist at imaginary skin gods*… applying sunscreen repeatedly to the face isn’t a super great option. thus began my hardcore, very important investigative research into the hat.

behold, my current obsessions.

ahh, the stylish standby: the fedora.

i usually see these in tan with black trim, but i’m loving the slate.
from here:

and this? oh my! if i thought i could pull off french riviera in sweet, sweet georgia,
i’d be all over this.

mmm… maybe i’ll pick one up and just pretend.
from here:

and lastly, in honor of the inevitable coldness about to grip parts of our lovely country…

ugh! i die for this. she looks all sorts of russian boho chic.
from here:

so fast as my fingers can type, i’m falling more and more in love with this whole hat phenomenon!

have you ever had a change of heart when it comes to trends?


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