i am a bad blogger.

from here:

at least, i have been the last 2 weeks or so. my will to write… to recap a day, a week, an event… poof! gone. my creativity, nonexistent.

i’ve started to get into the throws of wedding-dom and quite frankly, have rapidly reached  wedding fatigue. i’m tired of designing, putting together, imagining, sealing, stamping, inviting, center-piecing, appointment-ing and music-ing.

our wedding isn’t until january, but i’m heading home the last week of november to spend the 6 weeks leading up to our wedding in the mke to get everything wrapped and ready to rock. which means, all decisions pretty much need to be made in the next 5 weeks. it feels slightly overwhelming.

luckily… when the going gets tough, the tough… has amazing friends who travel from coasts and midwests and the like to fete a certain lady’s bachelorette-hood. that’s right, this weekend is my bachelorette party! can i get a cocktail amen?!

oh my fancy pants!

i am beyond excited for good food, good drink and wicked good gossip with some of my most favorite-est ladies on the planet.

cheers to you, dear reader… catch you on the flip side of what will inevitably be, a most memorable weekend!


One thought on “sapped.

  1. The fantastic part about having amazing friends is the fact that they in fact long for the time together as much as you do; and the trip is trivial in comparison to even an hour of gossip and good wine. Cheers to amazing friends, can’t wait to see you in a few short days!!!

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