fete a bachelorette – part one

i’m still in the process of processing the awesomeness that was this past weekend. most ladies are lucky enough to have a night honoring their upcoming nuptials, but my girls… one night was simply not enough, *we all tend to be firm believers in the ‘go big or go home’ philosophy* and what occurred was a long weekend full of absolute decadence.

let’s start at the beginning, otherwise known as… thursday.

i picked up a rental large enough to fit the five of us, our wine, our luggage, our wine and food to be enjoyed with… wine. off i then went to grab miss jlo from the atl before we hightailed it to the airport to anxiously await the arrival of miss dre, a christine and a krispy. a brief flight delay and some cocktails later...

three down, one to go!

we were headed back to columbus to sneak a peek at what i now call home and grab some shut eye. *3 bottles of wine and the start of sunrise later told us it might be time to actually go to sleep* best laid plans and all.

friday: groggy, but completely amped to know some of my bestest-es were here… we coffee-ed up and made our plan of attack for the day. this included, of course, a fashion show to determine dinner-worthy dresses for that evening and grocery lists.
see this lumbering fella helping in the corner? yeah, he didn’t know what to make of us!

then we were off to Callaway Gardens to check in to our cottage. cottage. funny word. this was not a cottage. this was huge two bedroom gorgeousness, with dining room, fireplace, three, yes three, decks. it was breathtaking. i was floored. clearly, a toast was in order.
oh, but what to choose?

in the midst of my mind being blown by the care the ladies took to ensure amazing lodging, they proceeded to further melt my heart with a goddess of a food spread.
gugh! delicious defined.

i mean, three different kinds of prosciutto, 5 different gourmet cheeses, hummus and baked olives, vegetable and bread and olive oil and… oh, lord. i died a little and experienced heaven.

after much gossip, catching up and overall indulgence… it was time to pretty-fy and get ready for dinner. and get ready we did. i’ve said this time and again, but i honestly have the most gorgeous friends on the planet.


the dinner was wonderful. we began with fried green tomatoes, duck breast with an apple/vinegar slaw, salad and tomato & lobster bisque.

fried green tomatoes – lovely.

the duck was perfectly rare, i loved it!

later, we tucked in to tenderloin, free range chicken, petit pan (or patty pan) squash, potato and blue cheese hash, cheddar mash and asparagus. *i was savoring, pardon the lack of photos.*

last but most certainly not least, with our cava, we dived in to banana crépes, berry cobbler with georgia peach sorbet and key lime tart. *yup, not a photo to be found. they were that good. trust.*

sigh. full of wonderful food and delicious drink, it was back to the cottage to continue the part-ay. all the way til six in the morning. i was drunk with complete contentment… and that’s just the beginning. you won’t believe how i woke up saturday morning!

say tuned!


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