fete a bachelorette – part two

… when we last left off, i was headed to the la-la land after an unbelievable first half of my bachelorette extravaganza.

we pick up with a sweetly surprising way to wake up on saturday. my eyes forced themselves open when i heard the doorbell. i assumed we were in need of towels or the like until i heard unmistakable ‘oohs and ahhs’ that only occur when one encounters a surprise. of course… i jumped to my feet. i walked into the kitchen and saw…

from the far-away land of chicago, bm tellie, who had been unable to attend, had delivered the most gorgeous plate of chocolate covered strawberries with a note of well-wishes and congratulations. i.died. i really could take a lesson on how to be generous and thoughtful from the women in my life.

i was then presented with my most favorite breakfast. it was prepared to perfection.

why, yes. that is eggs benedict, hash browns, pineapple, denver scramble, toast and orange juice. i’ll give you a minute.

after stuffing myself silly *a recurring theme of the weekend* it was time to get ready and head into town for ‘a surprise’, also known as the most amazing hour-long massage in the history of the planet.

i ended up in a room with bm krispy and though we had laid the ground work with each other on our personal massage etiquette:

“i don’t talk during massages.”
“neither do i.”
“i don’t make noises either.”
“neither do i.”

it was such an amazing experience, we both broke our own rules. *aside: it takes a true friendship to lay nakey next to someone and feel not at all ashamed at the unearthly noises you make while a stranger rubs you down.*

in a bit of a daze and completely relaxed, we set off to explore quaint Pine Mountain.
we made it exactly two stores before we were lured by bread and olive oil and cocktails.

oooh ā€“ check out my post-massage hair!

hello, pine mountain!

after, we hit up a few more shops. some were.. interesting… some were beyond awesome. i am picture-less, but amaze-friend dre spotted a scarf we were both coveting and before i knew it, she was checking out and gifting. speechless.

speaking of speechless, we were starting to get a whee bit punch-drunk.

this is the only one that i feel can be shown publicly, but the statue didn’t exactly make it through our visit unscathed. ahem.

so, punch-drunk as we were… we headed back to the cottage to sit back, nosh some more and start thinking about dinner. dinner, much like the word ‘cottage’ this weekend, is an understatement. you won’t believe what these girls cooked up saturday night.

see you tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “fete a bachelorette – part two

  1. OMG! The duo massage “rules” …….. LOL…. gave me a great belly laugh! Loved it all! I think you all should copyright and market this entire event!!!!!!

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