fete a bachelorette – part three

*apologies for the delay*

we last left with the beginning thoughts of saturday night dinner. little did i know the feast the girls had in store. we began with an utterly amazing antipasto that lasted us well into the evening.


though full bellies threatened to do us in for the night, champs that we are, we pushed through. and i can’t tell you how worth it it was.

salad , green beans, crusty bread, scallops and steak later, we were full bellied and stuffed to the brim…

we did, of course, manage to extend our indulgence long enough to satisfy our sweet-teeth with brownies, port and the remaining few *very few* chocolate covered strawberries.

if i was a cat, i would have purred. i swear i drifted to dreamland with a smile on my face.

enter sunday. we woke, we packed, we checked out. *boo*

before we left, we decided to walk around and explore the gardens. *we had really great intentions of doing this throughout the weekend, but glasses of wine and a cozy fireplace always seemed to beg us inside*

i’m so glad we did this, they really are quite beautiful.

hi, pretties!


and can i tell you how awesome it was to have some fellow fans to cheer with?

hey-o packer backers!

after we explored, we headed to the atl to check into our hotel for the night, set up airport shuttle pick-ups and head off to a bar to watch some football.

one by one, the ladies left. back to babies, back to husbands and family… until there were three. dre, krisp and myself spent the night in the hotel suite, painting nails, drinking wine and recapping one of the most amazing weekends in the history of bellathirty’s life.

‘thank you’ is too small a phrase to properly relay how grateful, loved and humbled i felt by the care my girls took in planning such a wonderful weekend. it was… absolutely epic.

i love you guys!


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