where have you been?

i will bore you not with details of my extended and inexcusable absence. rather, let the long story condense-ments (it’s a word) commence.

in the past 5 weeks…

i was magically transformed into this:

so i could take a stroll up and down an aisle like this:

and we could begin this:

{this = our happily ever after, natch.}

by the end of it all, i was too lazy exhausted to form one coherent thought, much less many thoughts to necessitate an entire post. {random movie reference anyone, FTW?}

when my cob-webbed brain was finally clearing itself, newly titled hubs arrived home with some news. and it was a doozie.

we’re moving. and we’re not just moving a little bit, we’re moving to…


{auf wiedersehen, vereinigte staaten von amerika… hallo deutschland!}

we have several months to prep and plan for this amazing adventure, and feel so grateful and humbled by the incredible opportunity we’ve been presented with.

bellathirty(one) is no doubt in for a wild ride! i hope you’ll come along…

and in case you’re still mad at me for abandoning you… you just try and say no to this face. i dare you.

{germany? how yawwwwn exciting…}

until next time… good weeks to you, guys and dolls!

wedding pics: courtesy of typeaimages.com


One thought on “where have you been?

  1. An incredible weekend to start what is sure to be an incredible life. Like I’ve said (a thousand times) before, I am SO happy for you guys. You DO deserve each other, and all the happiness that is coming your way. Love you both so much!!

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