pretty. obsessed.

obsessed? doesn’t even cover how head-over-heels i am for my newly discovered treasure of vulgar unique accoutrements.

warning: this is NOT for the delicate of personalities, or easily offended. behold, my latest obsession, locher’s paris AND their sister store maude & tilda.

let’s start with an example of their totes: note: these are the only ones i felt were
quasi-appropriate for this post.

{maude & tilda}

{maude & tilda}

{maude & tilda}

and lastly. this little number i simply couldn’t resist:

it’s tag marvels “insatiable little thing.”
{locher’s paris}

are you drooling? cause i’m drooling. i die just a little inside for these.

if totes aren’t your thing, i highly recommend taking a peek at locher’s website for their accessories. they are most surprising in the way they mix femininity with raunchy, and i do mean raunchy, little twists.

wander on over to their site. i hope if nothing else, it puts a devilish little smile on your face.

locher’s paris:
maude & tilda:


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