in love with love.

Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind;
and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.
– William Shakespeare

have you heard? valentine’s day is almost upon us.

truth be told, the captain and i have never really been the type of couple that celebrates the marksmanship of cupid. maybe because our date-aversary & vegas nuptials took place in march, so there is much celebrating then. maybe because, this year, the throes of our wedding par-tay only juuust ended in january. maybe because… maybe because… aww heck… i think we’re just romantically lazy stubborn.

we express our loves, our affections, our appreciation for one another in our own quirky ways. so the big v-day? meh! we’re pretty ok acknowledging the occasion with a wink and a smooch.

an eternal romantic, however, i do love the whimsy of it all. the frothy images cupids big day elicits are enough to make this girls heart simply sing. here are some favorites already dancing in my head:








it’s all quite lovely, yes? do you have a favorite way to honor cupid in february?


2 thoughts on “in love with love.

  1. I’m on board with you and the captain! Derek and I don’t celebrate what we think to be a holiday inspired by Hallmark to boost revenue. So instead of spending twice as much to go out to a restaurant we mark this day as a way to continue showing our love for one another as we do every other. The reddish hues in our life on that day typically involve pizza sauce and cherry pie. Let every day be Valentine’s and your relationship will have, to quite sir Borat “a..great success!”

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