a simple, sweet treat

i love to bake. love, love, love. baking a batch of cupcakes or a pretty linzer torte is just about as good as it gets for me. but some days, i’m guilty of looking for the quick fix. enter delightfully sinful brownies that are… no bake! *squeal*

{recipe & pic compliments of Nigella}

Rocky Road Crunch Brownies
what you’ll need
1 stick, plus 2 TBSP unsalted butter, softened
10-oz. semi sweet chocolate chips
1/4C lite corn syrup
8-oz. cookies, your choice, crumbled, but not crushed  (you’ll want some big pieces in there, too. trust.)
2C mini marshmallows
powdered sugar, to dust the brownies

what you’ll do
1. melt butter, chocolate, corn syrup over medium-low heat
2. remove 1/2C of melted chocolate mixture and reserve
3. add crumbled cookies
4. fold in marshmallows
5. pour mixture in 9X9, foil-lined pan
6. pour reserve chocolate mixture on top *it’s OK if it doesn’t cover all of them*
7. refrigerate 4 hours
8. dust with powdered sugar, cut in 24 pieces, devour.

warning: these go down real, real easy! enjoy!

5 thoughts on “a simple, sweet treat

  1. Um, hello – this looks awesome!!! It would be declicious with a yummy port. What do you have for lemon? Something lemon and delicious that is light to nill on frosting….

    I miss you! I love your blog. Sorry I haven’t commented in so long.

  2. I’ve discovered a wicked chocolate mousse mix that you just whip up with some milk. Grab a spoonful from the fridge and, voila! Instant chocolate fix! SO delish! Toss it in a pie shell with some whipped cream on top and you’ve got yourself an impressive dessert for company, too!

      • Dr. Oetker’s is the brand. Double chocolate is the flavor. Pillsbury pie crust, whip some heavy cream (and make it look all perty like I know you can!), buy a bar of dark chocolate & shave some over the top. Shwamo! Tres chic dessert!! Heaven.

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