too sweet to pass up

remember when i was all, ‘i don’t even celebrate valentine’s day.” and you were all
“i don’t even know what valentine’s day is.” and i was all “pshhht.” and you were all
“i know, right?”

ok. maybe it didn’t go quite like that. at all. but i do recall a not too far off post where i touted captain & my lack of celebratory history marking the day. well…

i don’t know what got into me. maybe it was my because this was truly, my very first valentine’s day where i was not getting hosed by my 9-5. maybe because it was our first valentine’s as hubs & wife. maybe it was because of a little site known as pinterest. whatever it was, i fell head first into a hot pink and gold glittery valentine’s day heaven.
i crafted. i baked. i set. i re-set. i hung and i arranged. and i loved every minute of it.

here’s how my first foray in cupid’s honor turned out…

i began with some construction paper bunting action that utilized some very
serious and not often used glue & glitter talent.

next, baked up some of my darlins’ favorite sweet treats.

added in a valentine’s splurge for moi…

put it all together with some candles saved from our wedding weekend…

and impatiently waited.

the look on my husbands face when he walked in will keep me on a cloud for some time.

i hope your valentine’s day was perfect for you and perfectly you.

2 thoughts on “too sweet to pass up

  1. Ok, you inspired….after 32 years of marriage….yup, I am going to duplicate your artistic and culinary creations…… in a fashion!!!!!! I loved it!

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