painted for a rainy day

it was quite the dreary weekend down south. not much to do but catch up on a little reading, a lotta laundry, a dash of DIY goodness and far too much celebrity gossip. fear not, the weekend wasn’t a total wash out. *see what i did there? rain. wash. cause rain is water and you… nevermind*

i did find the most divine, and i do mean dee-vine, nail polish to try out on my nubby little nails. it’s OPI. it’s the plushest of plums. and i’ve been crushing on it for 3 days now. i’m normally a neutral-on-my-nails gal, so this is a big departure for me. the fact that it’s still on is further testament to how much i’m digging it.

enough chit chat… here t’is.

“William Tell Me About It” from the OPI Swiss Shades Collection.

it glides on easily and keeps a pretty luster about it rather than going matte once dry. the part that sealed the deal for me? it is incredibly forgiving – an unheard of bonus with dark shades. no matter how deft you are, or aren’t, at painting your own nails, it ends up looking perfectly put together.

what do you think? *minus my astonishingly wrinkled old-lady hands*

are there any colors you’re currently crushing on? do share!


2 thoughts on “painted for a rainy day

  1. I absolutely love this post and let me tell you why: It wasn’t until I moved to NYC that I began to ENJOY the salon manicure…in a world where everything else has a 90% markup to any other city (what…3 slices of cheese for $7!!!) a good manicure is only $10 and available EVERYWHERE. The best place in Midtown by far is Sabrina (at 34th and Madison and I think it would be worth the trip when the girls come to town). Last Thursday I went for Essie’s “Tomboy No More” which is cherry red and although I had thought it would be perfect for a party I had planned to go to a in Brooklyn on Saturday, it ended up being the only thing that brought a smile to my face as I was home all weekend, sick in bed. Turns out we were both confined this weekend albeit for very different reasons yet the power of a good manicure was the same. I highly recommend that if your feeling a bit under the weather, you go for a bright, shockingly sassy nail color as there is nothing better to cheer you up. And I am pretty sure it has all the cold fighting power as a pot of chicken noodle soup! (P.S. I love that OPI shade and will be hunting it down next week! It looks amazing on you Eliz!)

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