for the love of tiffany & co.

i love tiffany’s. that little blue box never fails to illicit feelings of glamour, grace and charm. that blue, that perfectly perfect tiffany blue… it’s what made me so excited for one of the little DIY projects i attempted over the weekend. when i saw this post on sugar and charm, i was determined to give it my best shot – adding more touches of tiffany & co. in my life was simply too tempting to pass up.

the inspiration: *cue singing angels*


what i used:

vases of your choice
in mediterranean ocean and frosted white
PermEnamel Surface Conditioner * i found my PermEnamel supplies @ Michaels*
paper towel
paint brush
mixing bowl

what i did:
1. make sure your vases are clean & completely dry
2. coat the inside of each vase with your surface conditioner; dry them upside down for about 10 minutes.
3. create your ideal color in your mixing bowl

4. paint, paint, paint away the inside of your vases
5. dry them upside down on your paper towel

6. check your vases after about 10 minutes & clean up any drip marks near the tops.
*i only did this once then left them right side up because i wanted the color to stay thick*

et voila!

a kiss of tiffany’s to brighten your day.

choose your favorite color and go bananas. for me, this was an easy, completely worth it little project that helped chase away my rainy weekend blues.


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