it’s a zoo in here!

captain husband & the rest of the residency gang left last thursday for texas to go be super soldier dentists. while they are away, i am happily at play with some of their fur babes. here are some of my sweet charges helping to keep away the lonely bella blues.

say hello to miss ginger monkey.

miss monkey enjoys long drinks from the tap, chasing her tail and snuggles on the couch.

presenting miss mosie

mosie likes to spend her free time antagonizing her giant pillow, eating grass, both green and brown, and playing kissy face.

and here are mr. & mrs…. ummm… mr. & mrs… bird.

mr. & mrs. bird form a successful singing duet. when they’re not practicing, they enjoy practicing spanish & diligently picking through seed.

and lastly… we have miller.

miller judges.

these little ones really are so sweet. it’s been great taking care of them a bit… not to mention, they keep me from moping around columbus while captain’s away.

have a lovely monday!

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