tried & true

it’s the beginning of march! you know what that means, don’t you? it means spring is on the way. in no time at all, layers will beg to be shed and itty bitty bits of skin that haven’t seen the light of day since october *i’m looking at you legs & toes* will tentatively peek out to say hello.

it really is a most wonderful time. but let’s not rush the process, let’s welcome spring’s arrival nice & slow. here is one of my most favorite tried & true introductions to the season.

{via polyvore a la moi}

i love the versatility of the black maxi and the pop of color totally brightens my day. do you have any go-to transition pieces?

hope your weeks are treating you well!


7 thoughts on “tried & true

  1. Hooray for spring. I’m getting all kinds of inspiration from the new looks out there and I think my white, please show me the light if day body will be very happy in one week while in Puerto Rico.

  2. Look, just the thought of being able to dress in one layer is enough to send me over the edge. Bring on the warm weather PLEASE!!!

    • in what can only be described as total retribution for this post; it was 33º in ga when i woke up this morning. i made miler my fourth blanket, much to his chagrin.

      • It was actually warmer here than there??? Whoa. Honey, we’re gonna flirt with 70 today. I got 2 words for you. The. Park.

  3. a lo thinks my jean jacket might look dated. what does he know? i’ve had that thing since early days at the pot! i keep my spare banana clip in one of the pockets. oh. . . i’ll concede the banana clip. but my jean jacket is my love xo

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