oh, baby!

hubs & i had the great privilege of babysitting one of the sweetest melt-your-heart little babes last night. baby c is so bright and engaging and beautifully content. one look at
this little one and you’ll swear he swallowed some sunshine.

try not to smile, go ahead. i dare you.
bath time. whoa.
a big ‘thank you’ to a & j for letting us hang out with your little man for a while. and baby c, thank you for only spitting up on captain. we had a blast!


4 thoughts on “oh, baby!

    • he, pickle & b! will make the world a really, really great place. aside: ginger & my inaugural baby bath time = on terrifying high alert! is it too hot? too cold? is he bored? is he ok? is he comfortable? more soap? too much soap? wheww!

  1. OH my – absolutely lovely baby. I love the dramatic essence of the picture where he has his finger in his mouth. Die.

    BTW – wearing my birdie necklace, thinking of you! Can’t wait for NYC.

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