and then there were two… and a kitten.

mama & papa are on their merry way back home, leaving georgia with a fresh batch of fantastic memories. their visit was the perfect amount of time… until it was time for them to go, at which point the visit became too short. here’s a little bit of what we’ve been up to this week…

The Georgia Aquarium

Flip Burger

why yes, that is a nutella & burnt marshmallow milkshake. drool!

The National Infantry Museum

it seemed only fitting for the captain to teach papa about the joys of MREs.

and then promptly wash down said MRE with plenty of these.
five dozen a shameful plenty, truth be told.

and we played these. a.lot.

we did some other stuff, too.


i must say, a good time was truly had by all…

even miller.

hope your weeks have been wonderful!


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