what a whirlwind!

it’s been an pretty busy couple of weeks. busy, but filled with some pretty exciting stuff.

captain, myself, DenTac residency 2012 & their spouses piled into our respective autos and headed to ATL for the 100th annual Hinman Convention. while to most some, going to a dental convention would seem about as exciting as watching paint dry… i was stoked. it did not disappoint –  we had a blast! we took 3 days and allowed ourselves to be atlanta tourists; visiting olympic park, wandering the streets in search of good restaurants and over indulging in the nightlife.

Olympic Park {source}

Two Urban Licks – one of the restaurants we had the pleasure of discovering. if you’re
ever in atlanta, run, don’t walk, to this joint. the food was amazing, the service was outstanding, and the cocktails… sinful. i can best describe the ambiance as vibrant. between the blues trio in the corner & the brilliant torches climbing the walls, we truly felt transported.

CosmoLava was one of my favorite night spots. the drinks were strong, the dj’s were wicked & between the 3 different levels, it never felt over-crowded. {source}

since it was a working weekend for the residents, a bunch of us decided to stay an extra day so the guys could have a night to completely let loose. be still my poor thirty one-year old heart. it took me two days to fully recover from the festivities.

we also just received our official orders to wiesbaden. this is fantastic news that also brings with it meters & meters of red tape and bureaucratic mazes we must begin to navigate. i am positive though that as the thousands who have done this before… we will figure it out. in the meantime, i’m about to embark on this new adventure:


it’s certainly been a busy, but awesome two weeks. i’m glad to take today and play a little catch up.

until tomorrow, loves!


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