brunch – for the win!

i love it when a plan comes together. especially if it’s an easy, deliciously savory plan. i came across this recipe while browsing dinners for winners drool-inducing blog. it seemed the perfect solution to my ‘what to contribute to easter brunch’ dilemma.

buttery pastry, earthy asparagus & nutty gruyère? sign me up. it’s only an added bonus that it’s also refreshingly simple.

Asparagus Gruyère Tart


i highly recommend taking a peek @ dinners for winners for some kitchen inspiration.

hope your easters were inspiring, your mondays were quick, your weeks going well.

4 thoughts on “brunch – for the win!

    • hi there! it turned out delicious! what i also love about it? i feel like this is a great basic recipe that you can adjust & rearrange with different flavors you like. i think having roasted mushrooms and gruyere would be awesome! ooh, ooh! or, serve at room temp with whipped cream cheese & cucumbers… there are so many great possibilities!

  1. Wow girl thanks for the plug! 😉 Your tart looks delicious! I hope your brunch was a success. I made lemon tarts for our Easter meal and they were a letdown 😦 Martha doesn’t usually steer me wrong! I should have stuck with a recipe I knew, I guess 🙂

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