i fought NY & NY won…

… but in the most epically awesome way possible. i’m back! a wee bit tattered, slightly torn but with a batch of memories i wouldn’t trade for anything.

i’m still processing everything we did & everything i saw. so for now, a picture post will have to do.

Mary Poppins – New Amsterdam Theater


{stunning new amsterdam theater}

{my favorite number: step in time}

New York Public Library

{they had lots of tables set up along the exterior where you could coffee, or perhaps sneak a cocktail while indulging in some first-class people watching.}

{my favorite quote leading into the reading rooms}

{know what infamous movie scene was filmed here? ‘who ya gonna call?’}

Bryant Park – Hub of NY Fashion Week
we stopped here, grabbed a drink and relax a bit. we relaxed so much i neglected to picture take. but trust, the people watching was again, unsurpass(able?)

Battery Park/Ellis Island/Statue of Liberty

{i wish i could accurately explain all that this picture signifies. it signifies four ladies who dragged their sorry butts to bed @ 6:30AM only to wake at 10AM to keep a date with lady liberty. this photo signifies… champions.}

Central Park

{there really is something incredible about sitting among the beauty of lush trees and blooming flowers only to look up and realize you are surrounded by steel giants.}

Rockefeller Center

{who knew that the skating rink is actually open until late April?!}

World Trade Center
{currently in the middle of construction. this is as close as i got with the camera. we continued on to the actual site, but i felt inappropriate taking pictures. the power of emotion i felt being on site was quite overwhelming.}

our downright sinful food & drink experiences deserve a post of their own.
more on that tomorrow…
{see how happy we look?! blood orange & strawberry mimosas will do that to us!}

nyc left me with a lasting dizzying feeling. it was such an amazing symphony of sites, sounds and flavors. it was a soul-filled weekend with some of the smartest, most inspiring women in my life, one that i can’t wait to do again.

until tomorrow, good tuesdays to you all!


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