bananas for the win!

hello, hello & happy thursdays to you.

i have tested some deliciousness this week and can’t wait to share some of my faves & fails with you.

first off, a ridiculous fave! if you don’t have the ingredients to make this, put down your laptop and run, don’t walk to get them. every single bite of this is like sweet, sweet heaven in your mouth. trust.

i’m simply providing you, dear reader, with a link to the wonderful bake or break where i found this gem; as it required not-a-one-little adjustment & i wouldn’t dare take it as
my own.

Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting aka Heaven in Your Kitchen
{the photo is bake or break, the recipe is bake or break, the awesomeness is
bake or break,
the enjoyment is all yours}

seriously, it’s like your favorite blanket – all sorts warm & comforting. i can’t wait to hear if you try this out & think it’s as mind-blowing as i do.



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