radio silence…

… has a tendency to mean one thing in the blogging world… big news.

i’m no different.

here it is. my littlest, most biggest, most wonderful-est, most eye-popping, jaw-dropping, life-altering, hold-on-to-your-hat news ever laid in the lap of bellathirty…
a bellathirty bambino!

things are about to get crazier crazy, lest we forget that WE’RE MOVING TO GERMANY IN 5 FREAKING WEEKS! oh, i’m sorry, was i shouting?

i don’t have plans to turn this into a pregnancy blog, but i will likely be dedicating at least one post a week to the journey. hope you’ll come along for the insanity that is sure to follow.

oh my gosh. i’m going to have a BABY!!!!!

3 thoughts on “radio silence…

  1. Welcome to mommydom! You had better write about your sweet little embryo — this is the epitome of “all things beautiful”. Hugs and kisses to you, the Captain, and your belly. MWAH!

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