the far along game

so now that you know my big little secret, let me get you up to speed on how things have been going.


how far: currently rocking the babe @ 12 weeks
weight gain: 3-5-lbs., depending on the day
cravings: not really. but eggs benedict & cinnamon cereal have never tasted quite as  good! oh, and olives, hummus and french vanilla ice cream & seaweed salad.
symptoms: again, depends on the day. i feel lots of shifting & stretching in my belly,
nausea that comes and goes (but hold on to your hats when it comes!), and my boobs are reaching near epic proportions much to my chagrin & my husbands delight. (hey, i’m just being real.)
emotional: i refuse to answer on the grounds that it may incriminate myself.
changes in routine: au revoir night cap! au revoir sashimi! au revoir venti semi-dry skinny cappuccino! au revoir, au revoir, au revoir! see you in 6 months!

i’d like to think that it’s been a pretty lovely first trimester, ask me tomorrow, you’ll likely get a different answer.

happy tuesdays guys & gals!


4 thoughts on “the far along game

  1. Love it Bella you have great expressions that I fully understand. Just had the most incredible afternoon with your Mama.

  2. hello.. I happened upon your blog through pinterest and was wondering if you’d share where you got your beautiful cardigan/shrug for your wedding? I am looking for something similar for my January wedding.

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