a rave, a review & a thank you!

the countdown to wiesbaden, germany is holding at 21 days. twenty.one.days.

{hello denial… let’s be friends.}

i wanted to take a moment to share with you all…

i have the privilege of knowing some pretty spectacular people. from mom experts like my amazing friend JLo, for sharing her favorite mom-to-be books with me, to my awesome sister for the most awesome body pillow for my ever-growing belly, i’ve felt exceptionally blessed as of late. a shout out to all of you for your overwhelming support & love, and for sharing our joy over new baby. it’s made the whole process an absolute blast. i say a ‘hip, hip, hooray’ every day for each of you!


oh, bubbles and froth how i miss you! when last week our mini holiday to chateau elán was on the horizon, i knew i wanted to find something {safe} to indulge in at least the ceremony of toasting with a bit of bubbly. i stumbled upon fre, alcohol removed brut and decided that it would have to do to give it a try.

we arrived in our room where a bottle of champagne was waiting on ice. i watched happily as captain unwrapped the foil & listened with delight as the cork was popped… and then… my bottle. i looked on with disdain as my bottle was opened and listened with contempt as the cork flew off. we poured, we toasted and then… *gasp* captain gave me the wrong glass!! he gave.me.the.wrong.glass! there i was drinking champagne.. i was pregnant & DRINKING ALCOHOL! cue freakout. which lasted a total of the 15 seconds it took for him to reassure that no, he had not given me the wrong glass. i stared, i sipped again. oh my, did that hit the spot. my alcohol removed brut was completely crisp and completely delicious. like, knock your socks off delicious. i am tickled pink to have found a wonderfully safe alternative to celebrate with these next few months. fre, alcohol removed brut = A+


to all for your wonderfully kind words and notes of encouragement these last few weeks. i am… overwhelmed.

until next time…



2 thoughts on “a rave, a review & a thank you!

  1. i remember having the fre merlot at mp. it tasted like grape juice, to my recollection. so glad the brut is more authentic.
    and even if he had given you the wrong glass, NO. BIG. DEAL. recall that i was doing keg stands with my [UNBEKNOWNST TO ME] little pickle embryo swimming happily in my belly! and some doctors even allow pregnant ladies “an occasional glass of wine.” you know all this i’m sure.
    happy news: i have naturally, easily quit smoking and reduced my drinking thanks to babies! i think part of it is how darn busy [and TIRED] they keep us 🙂
    hugs to you and unreasonably cute, high-pitched squeals of delight to your belly
    p.s. you are so welcome! i might just have to send you one more. . .i thought it might not be helpful since you are germany-bound, but i am reassessing that i was wrong.

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