hallo! ciao! tag!

and here i sit. my very first blog post in germany.  and it will be… brief. i have so much to talk about; so very many stories since last we met. so much & so many that it’s overwhelming and i’m not quite sure where to start. so this, i’ve decided, will be my starting point – with pictures & lovingly-filtered instagram goodness.

our first week in germany.

i hope you have all been well & can’t wait to start to sharing our adventures with you all!

until next time… bella.

p.s. – to those who have asked & sent well-wishes, ‘thank you!’ the pregnancy has been blissful thus far. a brief catch up:

how far: 6.5 months
cravings: there is very little i won’t eat. but i’m LOVING my bubble water & pears have never tasted quite so good.
weight gain: yes.

aaaaand… we’re pleased as punch to announce that we’re having a BOY!


3 thoughts on “hallo! ciao! tag!

  1. Elizabeth: We loved seeing pictures of your happy faces and the start of your adventures. We wish you both good health and happiness. Love, Aunt Nancy

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