ok, so it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but for me, there is no truer indication of Fall’s arrival than the sudden influx of pumpkin-infused kitchen delights.

this past week, i incorporated pumpkin into the ever popular, easily pop-able cupcake. the results were near sublime. an added bonus? it filled our new house with a sweet autumnal aroma and added a much-needed sense of warmth and coziness. score!

i found this pumpkin cupcake recipe, loved its simplicity and the results were amazing. i then searched for a while to find a cinnamon cream cheese frosting that seemed a perfect complement & struggled. so i ended up using my tried & true frosting recipe and added cinnamon to taste (for me, it was a teaspoon-ish.)

*sigh* totally blissful.

hope your mondays are delicious!

7 thoughts on “pumpkin-tober

    • oh, thank you so much! they tasted delicious… made me very glad that my husband was taking them to work, otherwise… it could’ve gotten ugly! šŸ™‚

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