simply irresistible

we spent the weekend puttering around wiesbaden, finding touches for our home. what was missing for me come monday, was a sweet little baked something to have on hand.

i had an extra can of pumpkin i was anxious to use, thus my search narrowed & ended with the discovery of pumpkin cinnamon rolls. the recipe called for two cans, and i totally on purpose accidentally bought two cans, leaving me with, yes, yet another extra one to use in the very near future. hooray!

i used this recipe & found it easy to follow with results that could make a grown man cry.

these are absolutely to die for. i think perfect for special occasions like christmas morning or… a thursday.

enjoy! bella


2 thoughts on “simply irresistible

  1. Yum! These look amazing. Thanks for sharing my dear. Keep on baking, but I want to see something inspirational from the locals. Maybe something with sausage. 🙂

    • duly noted! unfortunately, sausage is not on the baby approved list of foods right now. but i will most certainly try to find a locally-inspired creation, soon!!

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