simple, sound advice

{via} *although i take issue with #10. who ever only spends 10 minutes on pinterest?

we had a transforming weekend! details to follow.

enjoy your mondays – bella.


3 thoughts on “simple, sound advice

  1. I saw Miller this weekend and although he’s adapting well, we had a heart to heart and meows that he misses you much. We had some snuggle time sleeping together (hugged my leg) and he looks very healthy. He does enjoy his food (crunch, crunch early in the morning). Played a little with him as well and he was hunting some bugs in the apartment. What a cutey and has a similar personality to our tabby. Take care and love, Aunt Nancy

    • ahhh, you had the pleasure of the intense crunch-crunch-ing in the morning! i’m envious you got to spend some time with him, but love that he got some extra love this weekend. thank you for having the heart-to-heart & reassuring me that he is happy & healthy. we can’t WAIT to have him back. {though who would have thought my mom would have fallen so in love with him?!} love you guys & miss you! Am so glad we got to spend some time together before I headed out!

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