i’m a thirty two-year old DC-born, germany-residing wannabe baker, political (in)activist, and lover of all things (in no particular order) french, italian, pink, sparkling and delicious. formerly a writer in the wide world of advertising, i can be bribed with shoes and think my handsome husband, kitten, family and family of friends are about the greatest gifts a girl could have.

now expressing myself through this little space on the interwebs called bellathirty(two), i hope to document bits & pieces of thirty and beyond with humor, sarcasm, and a mindful appreciation of all that is beautiful & beautifully delicious.

speaking of beautiful, aforementioned handsome husband & i are currently expecting our first little one in january 2013. we’re beyond thrilled & far too excited for words. let the games begin!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. I love reading your blog and hearing about your new life in Georgia. We’d love to have you visit us sometime in Key Biscayne. We had a great time when your Mom visited us — lots of talking, exercise and good food.

    We have a guest room in our condo so Matt and you are welcome to come and enjoy our new paradise island. You can either relax by the ocean/pool or take in the sights in South Beach. I know that Brett and his wife, Victoria, would love to see you too.

    Looking forward to seeing you soon and meeting Matt . . . Love, Aunt Marcie

    P.S. Your recipes sound absolutely delicious!

    • Well, hello there! Thank you so much for stopping by and saying hello! Matt and I have been saying we need to make a trip to Florida soon. It would be awesome to see you all, and to (finally!) meet Victoria! Much love.

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