weekend in review

“your hair may be brushed, but your mind’s untidy. you have had about seven hours of sleep since Friday. no wonder you feel that lost sensation. you are sunk from a riot of relaxation.” – Ogden Nash

*sigh* it was a wonderful & relaxing weekend in wiesbaden.

{broccoli cream pesto linguini}

{banana cake with cinnamon sugar topping}

{the best pizza i’ve ever had. pizza parmini from aurum meditterrane}

{mineralewasser. a household staple}

{the church in the marketplace}

{fall foliage lining the walls of the square}


{falling onto a bed of throw pillows}

{my favorite fall color}

good mondays!


wanderlust friday!

wanderlust (wan•der•lust)n. a great desire to travel and rove about.

i’m so excited to report that i received my passport yesterday! (i was given a diplomat/government passport to travel on military orders, but unbeknown to us, am unable to travel as a tourist with it – doh!) honestly, the wait for my new passport with my new name has seemed.so.long.

but that’s all in the past now & europe has officially been opened up to us both! this week marks the first few days of my third trimester, so flight is a bit tricky, as in, i can’t do it without the doctors go-ahead which is a huge pain in the arse. lucky for us, europe has an amazing train system.

at the end of the month, captain & I are headed to Garmisch-Partenkirchen for several days. It’s about 5 hours south of us in Bavaria, and by all appearances, seems completely magical.

it is widely believed that the inspiration for sleeping beauty’s castle is here.

{Neuschwanstein Castle}

yes it’s a hike. yes, i’ll be 30 weeks pregnant. no, there is no way i would miss it!

aside from garmisch & in addition to thanksgiving, we have a 4-day weekend in November and we’re stoked to sit down this weekend & plan a mini holiday. we’ve been leaning towards Prague & France (maybe the Alsace region to start) but are happily taking suggestions on potential destinations!

if you could go anywhere this weekend, where would it be?

i fought NY & NY won…

… but in the most epically awesome way possible. i’m back! a wee bit tattered, slightly torn but with a batch of memories i wouldn’t trade for anything.

i’m still processing everything we did & everything i saw. so for now, a picture post will have to do.

Mary Poppins – New Amsterdam Theater


{stunning new amsterdam theater}

{my favorite number: step in time}

New York Public Library

{they had lots of tables set up along the exterior where you could coffee, or perhaps sneak a cocktail while indulging in some first-class people watching.}

{my favorite quote leading into the reading rooms}

{know what infamous movie scene was filmed here? ‘who ya gonna call?’}

Bryant Park – Hub of NY Fashion Week
we stopped here, grabbed a drink and relax a bit. we relaxed so much i neglected to picture take. but trust, the people watching was again, unsurpass(able?)

Battery Park/Ellis Island/Statue of Liberty

{i wish i could accurately explain all that this picture signifies. it signifies four ladies who dragged their sorry butts to bed @ 6:30AM only to wake at 10AM to keep a date with lady liberty. this photo signifies… champions.}

Central Park

{there really is something incredible about sitting among the beauty of lush trees and blooming flowers only to look up and realize you are surrounded by steel giants.}

Rockefeller Center

{who knew that the skating rink is actually open until late April?!}

World Trade Center
{currently in the middle of construction. this is as close as i got with the camera. we continued on to the actual site, but i felt inappropriate taking pictures. the power of emotion i felt being on site was quite overwhelming.}

our downright sinful food & drink experiences deserve a post of their own.
more on that tomorrow…
{see how happy we look?! blood orange & strawberry mimosas will do that to us!}

nyc left me with a lasting dizzying feeling. it was such an amazing symphony of sites, sounds and flavors. it was a soul-filled weekend with some of the smartest, most inspiring women in my life, one that i can’t wait to do again.

until tomorrow, good tuesdays to you all!

if i can {dah! dah!} make it there…

“… i’ll make it {dah! dah!} anywhere!”

i’m off guys & gals. off to the city that never sleeps. off to frank’s house.


off to HER house.


yes, i’m hopping on a plane and headed to nyc for a long-awaited girl’s weekend. and though i’m always tinged with bits of sadness saying “ciao!” to these guys…

… i am beyond excited to kick it with some of my most favorite ladies.


i’ve spent today in packing & prep mode. but now that suitcases finally zipped, flights are checked in & transportation arranged, i’m ready to kick back, paint some toes, enjoy some vino and let the excitement & anticipation carry me until tomorrow.

look out nyc…


… i’m comin’ for you!

what a whirlwind!

it’s been an pretty busy couple of weeks. busy, but filled with some pretty exciting stuff.

captain, myself, DenTac residency 2012 & their spouses piled into our respective autos and headed to ATL for the 100th annual Hinman Convention. while to most some, going to a dental convention would seem about as exciting as watching paint dry… i was stoked. it did not disappoint –  we had a blast! we took 3 days and allowed ourselves to be atlanta tourists; visiting olympic park, wandering the streets in search of good restaurants and over indulging in the nightlife.

Olympic Park {source}

Two Urban Licks – one of the restaurants we had the pleasure of discovering. if you’re
ever in atlanta, run, don’t walk, to this joint. the food was amazing, the service was outstanding, and the cocktails… sinful. i can best describe the ambiance as vibrant. between the blues trio in the corner & the brilliant torches climbing the walls, we truly felt transported.

CosmoLava was one of my favorite night spots. the drinks were strong, the dj’s were wicked & between the 3 different levels, it never felt over-crowded. {source}

since it was a working weekend for the residents, a bunch of us decided to stay an extra day so the guys could have a night to completely let loose. be still my poor thirty one-year old heart. it took me two days to fully recover from the festivities.

we also just received our official orders to wiesbaden. this is fantastic news that also brings with it meters & meters of red tape and bureaucratic mazes we must begin to navigate. i am positive though that as the thousands who have done this before… we will figure it out. in the meantime, i’m about to embark on this new adventure:


it’s certainly been a busy, but awesome two weeks. i’m glad to take today and play a little catch up.

until tomorrow, loves!