wanderlust friday!

wanderlust (wan•der•lust)n. a great desire to travel and rove about.

i’m so excited to report that i received my passport yesterday! (i was given a diplomat/government passport to travel on military orders, but unbeknown to us, am unable to travel as a tourist with it – doh!) honestly, the wait for my new passport with my new name has seemed.so.long.

but that’s all in the past now & europe has officially been opened up to us both! this week marks the first few days of my third trimester, so flight is a bit tricky, as in, i can’t do it without the doctors go-ahead which is a huge pain in the arse. lucky for us, europe has an amazing train system.

at the end of the month, captain & I are headed to Garmisch-Partenkirchen for several days. It’s about 5 hours south of us in Bavaria, and by all appearances, seems completely magical.

it is widely believed that the inspiration for sleeping beauty’s castle is here.

{Neuschwanstein Castle}

yes it’s a hike. yes, i’ll be 30 weeks pregnant. no, there is no way i would miss it!

aside from garmisch & in addition to thanksgiving, we have a 4-day weekend in November and we’re stoked to sit down this weekend & plan a mini holiday. we’ve been leaning towards Prague & France (maybe the Alsace region to start) but are happily taking suggestions on potential destinations!

if you could go anywhere this weekend, where would it be?


’tis the season!

no, no. not that season…not yet, at least.

i am obsessed with all things fall. the crisper temps, foods & flavors, cozier clothes –
i love it all.

right now, sweaters in muted tones have me tickled pink, er, gray. i love that they don’t try to compete with the brilliant colors of the season; rather, allowing them to take center stage and shine.

here are some lovelies i’m currently lusting after.

The Envy of Fall by bellathirty

here’s to warm wednesdays! bella.

simply irresistible

we spent the weekend puttering around wiesbaden, finding touches for our home. what was missing for me come monday, was a sweet little baked something to have on hand.

i had an extra can of pumpkin i was anxious to use, thus my search narrowed & ended with the discovery of pumpkin cinnamon rolls. the recipe called for two cans, and i totally on purpose accidentally bought two cans, leaving me with, yes, yet another extra one to use in the very near future. hooray!

i used this recipe & found it easy to follow with results that could make a grown man cry.

these are absolutely to die for. i think perfect for special occasions like christmas morning or… a thursday.

enjoy! bella


ok, so it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but for me, there is no truer indication of Fall’s arrival than the sudden influx of pumpkin-infused kitchen delights.

this past week, i incorporated pumpkin into the ever popular, easily pop-able cupcake. the results were near sublime. an added bonus? it filled our new house with a sweet autumnal aroma and added a much-needed sense of warmth and coziness. score!

i found this pumpkin cupcake recipe, loved its simplicity and the results were amazing. i then searched for a while to find a cinnamon cream cheese frosting that seemed a perfect complement & struggled. so i ended up using my tried & true frosting recipe and added cinnamon to taste (for me, it was a teaspoon-ish.)

*sigh* totally blissful.

hope your mondays are delicious!


“Home is the place where it feels right to walk around without shoes” – Unknown

guess what we’ve been doing this week? i’ll give you a hint...

it’s been nutty around here –  trying to make our new house feel like a home.

i’d say we’re about 50% there.
here’s to 100%!

a post script, because i must.

dear miller kitten, i miss you little man & even though i’m sure you’re having an
absolute ball with grandma & grandpa, i can’t wait to have you home with us.
love, blonde.