weekend in review

“your hair may be brushed, but your mind’s untidy. you have had about seven hours of sleep since Friday. no wonder you feel that lost sensation. you are sunk from a riot of relaxation.” – Ogden Nash

*sigh* it was a wonderful & relaxing weekend in wiesbaden.

{broccoli cream pesto linguini}

{banana cake with cinnamon sugar topping}

{the best pizza i’ve ever had. pizza parmini from aurum meditterrane}

{mineralewasser. a household staple}

{the church in the marketplace}

{fall foliage lining the walls of the square}


{falling onto a bed of throw pillows}

{my favorite fall color}

good mondays!



ok, so it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but for me, there is no truer indication of Fall’s arrival than the sudden influx of pumpkin-infused kitchen delights.

this past week, i incorporated pumpkin into the ever popular, easily pop-able cupcake. the results were near sublime. an added bonus? it filled our new house with a sweet autumnal aroma and added a much-needed sense of warmth and coziness. score!

i found this pumpkin cupcake recipe, loved its simplicity and the results were amazing. i then searched for a while to find a cinnamon cream cheese frosting that seemed a perfect complement & struggled. so i ended up using my tried & true frosting recipe and added cinnamon to taste (for me, it was a teaspoon-ish.)

*sigh* totally blissful.

hope your mondays are delicious!

simply sweet

i’ve found myself drawn to the kitchen more and more as of late. baking has always been a way i relieve stress, so considering the madness & moving chaos around me, it’s not too surprising.

this + this = delicious.

it’s an equation that makes sense; that i can completely understand, be in control of and get on board with. i can find a sweet little ‘how do you do’ that tickles my fancy… run into the kitchen, create & enjoy. through that process, i find the fortitude i need to tackle the ever-growing list of things that have to be done right now, right now, RIGHT NOW BELLA!

this is my latest indulgence. it’s a delicate sweetness so good; so light, fluffy… almost angelic in taste.

Coconut Macaroons – courtesy of the Barefoot Contessa



bananas for the win!

hello, hello & happy thursdays to you.

i have tested some deliciousness this week and can’t wait to share some of my faves & fails with you.

first off, a ridiculous fave! if you don’t have the ingredients to make this, put down your laptop and run, don’t walk to get them. every single bite of this is like sweet, sweet heaven in your mouth. trust.

i’m simply providing you, dear reader, with a link to the wonderful bake or break where i found this gem; as it required not-a-one-little adjustment & i wouldn’t dare take it as
my own.

Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting aka Heaven in Your Kitchen
{the photo is bake or break, the recipe is bake or break, the awesomeness is
bake or break,
the enjoyment is all yours}

seriously, it’s like your favorite blanket – all sorts warm & comforting. i can’t wait to hear if you try this out & think it’s as mind-blowing as i do.


50 – what?!!

i don’t know what kind of crazy mama nature’s been buying in to, but we woke up to 52 degrees of georgia chilly. fifty.two.degrees. now, i know that’s not cold in the grand scheme of things, but holy moly if we weren’t juuust at the pool last weekend for an easy breezy 80 sunday.

the cooler temps did come with a perk, however. they brought with them a sincere desire to get in the kitchen and bake something warm & cozy.

enter, apple streusel muffins from allrecipes.com.

like dessert for breakfast or christmas in april, they are absolutely irresistible.
i hope you bake & love as well!