“Home is the place where it feels right to walk around without shoes” – Unknown

guess what we’ve been doing this week? i’ll give you a hint...

it’s been nutty around here –  trying to make our new house feel like a home.

i’d say we’re about 50% there.
here’s to 100%!

a post script, because i must.

dear miller kitten, i miss you little man & even though i’m sure you’re having an
absolute ball with grandma & grandpa, i can’t wait to have you home with us.
love, blonde.


a pretty great day

today was my first appointment with my German OB. i had read a couple things that make me very excited to deliver here… aaaand, a couple things that made me a bit nervous.

for example, i had read that German OB’s tend to not care so much about privacy or modesty during exams. like, no gown, no doctor politely leaving the room while you strip down to your skivvies & then some, other docs walking in & out during your exam, etc. while I’ve never counted myself a prude, this was a bit disconcerting. i never realized how much i clung to what little dignity those thin paper gowns afforded me until I thought they would be taken away.

as captain & I walked to the office, i admitted i was nervous. like, sweaty palm nervous.

i’m pleased to report that my fears were unwarranted (as fears so often are) and the appointment, and doctor, were lovely. finding a new doc is officially crossed off the list –  YES!

to celebrate seeing our little one perfectly healthy (and shockingly tall!) captain & i went out for a fine german feast. oh, german faire… where have you been all my life?

we started with pretzels. captain’s with an herbed creamed cheese; mine with whipped butter, since i’m off german cheese until little one arrives due to the lack of pasteurization.

next, came hubs salad. i taste tested, don’t you worry. it was wonderfully crisp & fresh. a pleasant prelude to what i knew would be a very heavy main course.

and then, the main event. captain ordered the Bayern-Pfännchen which consisted of grilled pork sausage, baked meat loaf, bacon and fried egg with fried potatoes. i’m bummed i forget to picture take, but it looked and tasted delicious.

i had Gebratene Rostbratwürste. or, grilled bratwurst with fresh sauerkraut & mashed potatoes. aka: pregnant woman HEAVEN.

my first foray into german cusine was a rousing success & overall, i must say… it was a pretty spectacular thursday. and tomorrow? moving day – yippee!!

good thursdays guys & dolls… bella.

the far along game

so now that you know my big little secret, let me get you up to speed on how things have been going.


how far: currently rocking the babe @ 12 weeks
weight gain: 3-5-lbs., depending on the day
cravings: not really. but eggs benedict & cinnamon cereal have never tasted quite as  good! oh, and olives, hummus and french vanilla ice cream & seaweed salad.
symptoms: again, depends on the day. i feel lots of shifting & stretching in my belly,
nausea that comes and goes (but hold on to your hats when it comes!), and my boobs are reaching near epic proportions much to my chagrin & my husbands delight. (hey, i’m just being real.)
emotional: i refuse to answer on the grounds that it may incriminate myself.
changes in routine: au revoir night cap! au revoir sashimi! au revoir venti semi-dry skinny cappuccino! au revoir, au revoir, au revoir! see you in 6 months!

i’d like to think that it’s been a pretty lovely first trimester, ask me tomorrow, you’ll likely get a different answer.

happy tuesdays guys & gals!

radio silence…

… has a tendency to mean one thing in the blogging world… big news.

i’m no different.

here it is. my littlest, most biggest, most wonderful-est, most eye-popping, jaw-dropping, life-altering, hold-on-to-your-hat news ever laid in the lap of bellathirty…
a bellathirty bambino!

things are about to get crazier crazy, lest we forget that WE’RE MOVING TO GERMANY IN 5 FREAKING WEEKS! oh, i’m sorry, was i shouting?

i don’t have plans to turn this into a pregnancy blog, but i will likely be dedicating at least one post a week to the journey. hope you’ll come along for the insanity that is sure to follow.

oh my gosh. i’m going to have a BABY!!!!!

i fought NY & NY won…

… but in the most epically awesome way possible. i’m back! a wee bit tattered, slightly torn but with a batch of memories i wouldn’t trade for anything.

i’m still processing everything we did & everything i saw. so for now, a picture post will have to do.

Mary Poppins – New Amsterdam Theater


{stunning new amsterdam theater}

{my favorite number: step in time}

New York Public Library

{they had lots of tables set up along the exterior where you could coffee, or perhaps sneak a cocktail while indulging in some first-class people watching.}

{my favorite quote leading into the reading rooms}

{know what infamous movie scene was filmed here? ‘who ya gonna call?’}

Bryant Park – Hub of NY Fashion Week
we stopped here, grabbed a drink and relax a bit. we relaxed so much i neglected to picture take. but trust, the people watching was again, unsurpass(able?)

Battery Park/Ellis Island/Statue of Liberty

{i wish i could accurately explain all that this picture signifies. it signifies four ladies who dragged their sorry butts to bed @ 6:30AM only to wake at 10AM to keep a date with lady liberty. this photo signifies… champions.}

Central Park

{there really is something incredible about sitting among the beauty of lush trees and blooming flowers only to look up and realize you are surrounded by steel giants.}

Rockefeller Center

{who knew that the skating rink is actually open until late April?!}

World Trade Center
{currently in the middle of construction. this is as close as i got with the camera. we continued on to the actual site, but i felt inappropriate taking pictures. the power of emotion i felt being on site was quite overwhelming.}

our downright sinful food & drink experiences deserve a post of their own.
more on that tomorrow…
{see how happy we look?! blood orange & strawberry mimosas will do that to us!}

nyc left me with a lasting dizzying feeling. it was such an amazing symphony of sites, sounds and flavors. it was a soul-filled weekend with some of the smartest, most inspiring women in my life, one that i can’t wait to do again.

until tomorrow, good tuesdays to you all!