weekend in review

“your hair may be brushed, but your mind’s untidy. you have had about seven hours of sleep since Friday. no wonder you feel that lost sensation. you are sunk from a riot of relaxation.” – Ogden Nash

*sigh* it was a wonderful & relaxing weekend in wiesbaden.

{broccoli cream pesto linguini}

{banana cake with cinnamon sugar topping}

{the best pizza i’ve ever had. pizza parmini from aurum meditterrane}

{mineralewasser. a household staple}

{the church in the marketplace}

{fall foliage lining the walls of the square}


{falling onto a bed of throw pillows}

{my favorite fall color}

good mondays!


a pretty great day

today was my first appointment with my German OB. i had read a couple things that make me very excited to deliver here… aaaand, a couple things that made me a bit nervous.

for example, i had read that German OB’s tend to not care so much about privacy or modesty during exams. like, no gown, no doctor politely leaving the room while you strip down to your skivvies & then some, other docs walking in & out during your exam, etc. while I’ve never counted myself a prude, this was a bit disconcerting. i never realized how much i clung to what little dignity those thin paper gowns afforded me until I thought they would be taken away.

as captain & I walked to the office, i admitted i was nervous. like, sweaty palm nervous.

i’m pleased to report that my fears were unwarranted (as fears so often are) and the appointment, and doctor, were lovely. finding a new doc is officially crossed off the list –  YES!

to celebrate seeing our little one perfectly healthy (and shockingly tall!) captain & i went out for a fine german feast. oh, german faire… where have you been all my life?

we started with pretzels. captain’s with an herbed creamed cheese; mine with whipped butter, since i’m off german cheese until little one arrives due to the lack of pasteurization.

next, came hubs salad. i taste tested, don’t you worry. it was wonderfully crisp & fresh. a pleasant prelude to what i knew would be a very heavy main course.

and then, the main event. captain ordered the Bayern-Pfännchen which consisted of grilled pork sausage, baked meat loaf, bacon and fried egg with fried potatoes. i’m bummed i forget to picture take, but it looked and tasted delicious.

i had Gebratene Rostbratwürste. or, grilled bratwurst with fresh sauerkraut & mashed potatoes. aka: pregnant woman HEAVEN.

my first foray into german cusine was a rousing success & overall, i must say… it was a pretty spectacular thursday. and tomorrow? moving day – yippee!!

good thursdays guys & dolls… bella.

the rains came down…

“The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


it’s been a rainy couple of days in wiesbaden & i must say, it’s felt fitting.

i had recently reached the end of my suitcase living rope. i was over it. done. hotel living was not for me. the need to be surrounded by OUR things, in OUR apartment; to have the ability to truly begin to get settled, prepare for the little one & to have a home to welcome miller-kitten to… all of those needs were become completely consuming. i couldn’t really enjoy exploring or bask in creating our list of day trips and weekend getaways because we didn’t have a home base to return to.

this finally culminated in what may, or may not, have been a melt down of epic proportions; complete with tears and hollering and yes, cussing. i could blame it on hormones, travel fatigue, etc. but that wouldn’t be fair, or honest. t’was not a proud moment. lucky for me, i have one of the most patient husbands in the history of husbands. and rather than fleeing, or getting upset, he listened and coddled and yes, bought me ice cream. he also reminded me that all that could be done to get us into our apartment was being done. and so i calmed down, and breathed deeply… and then breathed deeply again (and several more times after that) and gave it up to the fates.

and what do you think happened 4 days after i relinquished control, trusted my husband, the process and the fates? you guessed it. we received word our apartment is ready & are moving in end of week! i am crazy excited to unpack and say hello to our things again…

i think we’re going apple & pear picking saturday to celebrate – can’t wait to bring home bags of deliciousness to break in our new kitchen & fill our home with the aroma of autumnal goodness! *squeal!*

good tuesdays – bella