radio silence…

… has a tendency to mean one thing in the blogging world… big news.

i’m no different.

here it is. my littlest, most biggest, most wonderful-est, most eye-popping, jaw-dropping, life-altering, hold-on-to-your-hat news ever laid in the lap of bellathirty…
a bellathirty bambino!

things are about to get crazier crazy, lest we forget that WE’RE MOVING TO GERMANY IN 5 FREAKING WEEKS! oh, i’m sorry, was i shouting?

i don’t have plans to turn this into a pregnancy blog, but i will likely be dedicating at least one post a week to the journey. hope you’ll come along for the insanity that is sure to follow.

oh my gosh. i’m going to have a BABY!!!!!


a workout in review

i recently joined a gym. *pause for eye roll* something i just about swore i’d never do again. i’m not going to get into the whole ‘this time i’m dedicated & the weight WILL come off because nothing’s going to slow this girl down again.’ i find talk like that to now be tiresome and old and well, let’s be real, if i’m annoying myself, how must the other people in my life feel?

so instead, i’m vowing to be quietly resolved and empowered by a new-found determination to get healthy. again. finally.

since my quiet quest to be hot healthy and ‘swore i’d never do it again’ gym joining, i’ve rediscovered my love of… wait for it… group classes.

say wha?!

i know. but i had forgotten how much i love being led through a really great workout. i have also noticed that no matter how painful, tired, out of breath, gasping for air, ‘going left when everyone else going right’ things get… i will not leave. ever. which means once that music starts… i’m in it, no quits, for at least an hour.

my newest fave is called Body Pump. have you heard?

look at how strong & focused they are! ahem, i’m the one in the corner in
old sweatpants with my one-pounders.

anyhoo – it’s an hour-long choreographed class that targets every muscle group within the hour. so far, i’ve loved. i’ve been able to adjust the movements & the weights i use to be comfortable enough to complete and participate in the whole hour, while still wanting to cry just a little bit when i get out of bed the next morning; and the music is solid and keeps me motivated all class long.

have you ever left the excercise train only to rediscover a surprising motivator when you’ve returned?

source: {photo 1, photo 2}

mondays & meatballs

hello, hello & good mondays to you all!

it’s got to be a productive one for this girl, but i tell you what… it’s hard to get your hungry butt here:


when you’ve got these in the oven.

{oh, Giada! i both love & curse you. recipe here, if you dare.}

so i took a peek at this to motivate.


{sigh} the battle rages on…

embracing georgia

when i moved to ga, i wasn’t exactly what you’d call ‘outdoors-y.’ in fact, my idea of ‘getting out there and getting active’ was walking the two blocks between restaurant and bar on a saturday rather than hailing a cab. judge.

since we’ve moved, i’ve really embraced the nothing but nature beauty that we are surrounded by. enter, Callaway Gardens. it’s a gorgeous preserve of land about 30 minutes from home that offers tons of incredible activities. best part, i get some wicked good workouts in that really don’t feel like workouts… until the next morning. so.sore.

one of aforementioned incredible activities is this amazing elevated obstacle course that includes zip lines. (to all my mke friends reading this, I KNOW! i can’t believe i did it either. and loved it!)

ready to go! (pardon the unflattering pic)

the staff does such a good job of educating you on the equipment and making you feel safe.

woo hoo! about to do the first zip line of the course. hardest part? letting go.
*insert meaningful life lesson about letting go here*

the view. it was so beautiful. i wanted to take it all in for a while which proved to be kind of difficult while trapeze-ing between two trees. (can you spot me in this pic?)

embracing georgia has been a blast so far! if you’re ever in the columbus/hotlanta area… stop on by the gardens, i can’t recommend highly enough.

it’s a love:hate relationship

exercise that is. 

i love to hate it. in fact, i love to loathe it. let me explain. i love to be active. hiking, biking, going for walks… it’s all copacetic on this end. but exercising, i’m talking the pop on a treadmill for an hour 45 minutes, lifting weights in front of a mirror kind of exercise, h-to-the-ell no.

but i do realize since i have yet to find a plastic surgeon willing to work for cupcakes that in order to love the way i feel, i need to sometimes do this thing i hate, because the hiking and biking fun with the hubsters can’t always happen, much to my dismay.

so not-so fresh from the gym, i write this post. kind of sweaty, a little smelly (sorry guy next to me) and more than anything, absolutely over the moon that it’s over. that i did it, and that on this, the eighth day of august, two thousand and eleven, i faced my arch nemesis, the treadmill, and emerged victorious.

good mondays to you all!